A Positive Fly Fishing Roundtable Discussion During Quarantine


This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast, Jeff talks with Brian Kozminski, Allen Crater and Jon Osborn about staying positive and staying out the funk that this season had thrust on so many of us. A very interesting and inspiring round table discussion. We will get through this!

00:00 Intro (check out Jeff's goofy looking hat)

12:30 Panel Discussion Begins

14:09 Brian talks about the positive things that have come out of quarantine

15:30 Allen talks about the positive effects on the environment int he backcountry

17:00 Slowing down to do what matters

18:00 Jon's talks about his author and artist friends and his experience as a police officer

21:30 Jon's advice on maintaining sanity

22:40 Koz talks about how fishing has helped him through other hard times in life

25:00 How the quarantine has impacted Allen's small business

28:25 Koz's talks about the excitement of going back to work

29:40 How Allen is managing his stress

35:45 Why are we not more productive during this time?

38:00 Being the contagion of positivity

38:30 Jeff wastes time watching is favorite show "Narcos."

40:10 Koz talks about reaching out to more people during this time to survive

41:40 Jon talks about supporting local like never before

43:40 Allen's article "Embrace the Suck."

46:50 Restoring relationships during this time.

48:00 Jon talks about how to handle loss during this time

53:20 Koz's final thoughts

55:50 Allen drops the mic with a quote from Edward Abbey

57:45 Jon's final thoughts

58:30 Outro



Episode Links:

Allen's Article "Embrace The Suck"




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