Curing Adventure Deficit- Drew De Vries

Last year I was invited on the Adventure Deficit podcast with this week’s guest Drew De Vries. It was kind of strange being on the other side of them mic, but Drew was an excellent host. Now it’s his turn! We recorded this week’s episode late last fall and we’ve been looking forward to publishing it ever since! We discuss the creation of his podcast and talk about his fly fishing adventure out west.

From Drew:

I was raised in Jenison, MI where I attended school before earning a degree in Recreation from Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Some facts about me:

-I’ve eaten sparrow, frog, and sheep intestines.

-Learned to ski on a pair of “Nugget 97’s”.

-Once invited to dance with the Navajo during tribal festival.

-Lived in a “van, down by the river”.

-Caught an albatross on a spinning rig in the Gulf.

-When counting prior jobs, I use all my fingers, and some toes.

-My brother-in-law dubs me a “glutton-for-experience”.

-Love business, allergic to cubicles.

-Adventure’s always been my reset.

I’m a husband, father, writer, and hopeless gear junky. I love a good story, and can’t wait to hear yours!

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