Season 4 Episode 4 Annie Margarita- Out of the Ashes

This week we talk with the artist and fly angler, Annie Margarita. She shares her journey into fly fishing and how her family survived the Wildfires of Oregon. 

00:00 Bill Goes Into Quarantine and Misses Trout Camp

01:43 Coffee and Anxiety

03:00 In Other News- Dog Sniffing for Coronavirus. 

06:10 Fires out West and Annie Margarita Introduction

09:02 Interview with Annie Begins

09:03 Jeff's Art Piece from Annie Margarita

10:40 Annie's Journey Into Leather Working and Project Healing Waters

15:00 From the Marine Corps the Theme Park

20:00 The Fly Fishing Lifestyle

21:50 To Burt on the McKenzie River

23:00 The 1946 McKenzie Drift Boat

24:30 The Fire

28:00 What's Left Behind

29:00 The MacKenzie River Drift Boat in The Heart of The Dragon

30:10 Rebuilding-

33:23 Bob White and his Essay 

35:45 Out of The Ashes

42:00 Where Hank Williams Found Inspiration

42:30 Nature

48:00 Bigfoot and Closing

Annie's Website

Annie's YouTube Channel 

Bob White's Essay