Articulated Nymphs, Fan Mail, and The Upcoming Live Event

This week, Jeff and Bill talk about their upcoming live show, crazy YouTube comments, and articulated nymphs.
00:01 Welcome and Bill’s Brand
02:02 Gold Dust and Gimmicks (Jeff has a hard time with memory)
02:26 Koz’s trip giveaway at our Rockford Brewing Event.
04:23 Jeff’s OF page closing down?
06:30 The Snack is moving on?
07:10 Mail Day?
08:07 Bret mails in hair/fur from a Sasquatch.
09:45 Why would Squatch visit the grocery store?
10:30 Divisiveness and unity
12:30 Coffee?
13:03 Big shout out to Imbrifex books
13:45  Thanks to Real Ale Brewing
14:00 Shout out to DuckCamp
15:12 In Other News- Swimmer Attacked by Muskie
17:42 The worst joke in RNP history
20:12 Event- Win a trip with Brian Kozminski, giveaways from Remedy Provisions, TFO, Umpqua, and Sandhill coffee. Tickets available at
22:00 Free the nipper…and Brittany
24:40 Jackwagon Comments
28:00 Cancel Culture
33:00 Outro