Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast Episode 2 With Kirk Deeter

This week on the Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast, Aaron talks with the Vice President/Editor in Chief of Trout Unlimited, Kirk Deeter.

00:00 Show welcome and Kirk Deeter intro

00:49 Thank you to our sponsors

02:14 Kirk comes on.

03:33 Aaron and Kirk pour a Rye Grain Straight Malt Whiskey from Real Spirits.

04:08 How John Wayne drank his whiskey

06:40 How Kirk became King of All Fly Fishing Media.

09:45 Kirk cops to being a fly fishing heretic. We talk carp.

12:26 Is there a print media renaissance?

14:25 Why does fly fishing produce so much great writing?

18:05 Kirk says something nice about Aaron’s book.

19:00 “Clarity, Simplicity, Honesty.” And the impact of social media.

22:55 The coolest adventures are close to home.

24:55 Kirk admits to loving Texas.

26:55 We talk about Kirk’s two early fly fishing books, Castwork and Tideline.

32:10 Shout-out to Steve Ramirez, Guadalupe bass, and Casting Forward.

33:55 The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing, and the upcoming Little Black Book of Fly Fishing.

38:10 How the VP of Trout Unlimited came to write a book about fly fishing for carp. Aaron and Kirk talk about the joys of fishing for mud marlin.

51:35 How to cobble together a living as a creative in the fly fishing world.

54:13 Shout-out to Willie.

58:39 Kirk admits to getting skunked on his last fishing trip.

59:55 Shout-out to April Vokey

1:00:25 Kirk talks about the big year the pandemic brought fly fishing.

1:02:30 One-hit wonders on the rivers, and “you can’t play in saltwater.”

1:03:08 Kirk cusses a little.

1:03:35 Name-dropping Josh Crumpton; gatekeepers vs. door openers.

1:05:55 Shout-out to Living Waters Fly Fishing

1:08:25 How do we create more diversity in fly fishing?

1:09:49 “People want to know how to fish. People want to know how to appreciate nature. What they want is a serious, honest, lasting connection to nature.”

1:13:05 “You don’t need to catch 30 fish in a day to call it a good day.”

1:18:54 Aaron and Kirk talk a little bit about diversity in fly fishing. Kirk has some good ideas.

1:27:05 Grace and humility, man.

1:28:15 Mary Gauthier’s “Mercy Now.”

1:30:45 Kirk’s perfect fly fishing trip.

1:40:55 Before signing off, Kirk and Aaron talk tarpon.

1:36:55 “Your boat, my boat.”

1:38:28 End