Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast Episode 4-April Vokey

This week Aaron Reed interviews April Vokey for his Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast

00:00 Welcome and Aaron introduces April Vokey

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03:05 Oops! Technical difficulties … we lose video.

03:09 April introduces herself to our listeners

04:12 The future of

04:45 We note that April is talking to us from the future.

06:00 We talk about the pandemic.

09:26 If you have to be stuck somewhere, Australia and New Zealand aren’t the worst.

10:00 Whatever happened to that steelhead book?

10:18 Shoutout to our friend John Shewey and his book Classic Steelhead Flies.

11:45 April’s humility

12:57 April’s burgeoning media empire

14:18 Stories vs. Technique

15:00 How foraging and tanning and hunting and outdoor life intersects with fly fishing

16:35 Aaron and April talk about the learning platform

16:57 The industry article about influencers.

Check it out at:

18:42 Social distancing and fly fishing.

19:56 Why April doesn’t post so many grip-and-grin photos of big fish anymore.

21:13 Let’s make the outdoors experience about more than fishing.

21:41 Fossicking

22:30 The Darcizzle episode

23:42 Some people are really, really mad at April about that interview.

24:27 “Darcy is great!” Check out Anchored with April Vokey episodes 145 and 131 to learn more.

26:00 We dig a little deeper into social media and fly fishing.

28:49 Is April the worst mom in the whole world?

29:30 Hear April’s impression of a rutting fallow deer.

31:15 Steve Harvey is “sassy.” See it here:

32:35 We talk about April’s other podcast: “Into the Backing.”

34:10 Influencers vs. Ambassadors.

39:57 Is this about paying dues?

42:00 Paying homage to the generation that came before us

43:20 Why we *really* aren’t sharing video for this interview. (April looked great, as always, btw.)

45:25 Who are the fly fishing influencers, anyway?

46:15 Is authenticity the issue?

46:40 A bonus shout-out to Duck Camp!

50:18 April puts a stake in the ground: fly fishing isn’t supposed to be competitive in any way, shape, or form.

53:00 Unsung heroes?

55:40 Know a fly fishing influencer who would be willing to sit down and talk with April about social media? Drop her an email!

56:45 Shout-out to our buddy Kirk Deeter.

57:43 How to get in touch with April, and what’s available on

58:10 Talking about what’s available on Anchored Outdoors … y’all go sign up, it’s kind of incredible.

1:00:35 Get individualized coaching and feedback from April and other instructors on the platform!

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1:02:50 Seriously, go sign-up for a membership at

1:03:44 Outro


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