Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast-John and Jen Pelicano

This week Aaron Reed talks with fly fishing newbies, John and Jen Pelicano about their journey into the sport. 

00:00: Intro

00:10 Introducing John and Jen Pelicano

01:19 Shout out to sponsors: Duck Camp, Real Ale and Real Spirits, and Imbrifex Books’ The Local Angler Series

02:57 It’s National Beer Day!

04:00 How Jen and John got into fly fishing during the pandemic year.

05:00 John takes one for the team, goes shopping.

06:25 Jen’s father sets them up for success.

07:11 Is it appropriate to put a vintage Ross San Miguel reel on an Eagle Claw rod?

08:25 Living Waters Fly Fishing to the rescue.

10:45 Jen hopes she doesn’t catch a fish.

12:20 How fishing guide Griff England gets great fish photos for the ‘gram.

14:12 Beyond the 5-weight.

15:15 Jen says “the Llano,” but she means “the Lampasas.”

17:35 Shout out to Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods.

19:00 Aaron flubs “Livingston Rod Company,” even though he knows Dusty Smith and thinks he’s one of the coolest cats in the industry.

21:30 The Poage Lake incident.

23:50 Everything about fly fishing is beautiful.

26:15 John takes a potshot at Aaron’s musical taste.

26:55 Jen mentions the learning curve when it comes to fish handling.

28:00 Well-met at Mesquite Creek Outfitters on Georgetown’s historic town square.

29:55 Was John a Jesuit, or just slow?

30:27 John brings Aaron to tears.

33:45 Jen attempts to put a damper on John’s fanboy enthusiasm.

36:27 John offers to give Aaron some fly fishing pointers.

37:52 “If you’re not building, healing, teaching or growing, don’t get too worked up about your job. It’s not that important.”

42:00 A brief, uninformed aside about John Shewey’s book: “Classic Steelhead Flies”

45:20 Aaron’s sausage fingers.

45:30 Is Aaron writing a memoir?! (and would anyone care?)

49:00 In praise of Wes Ferguson’s “The Blanco River,” and Rob McConnell’s “Fly Fishing the Sam.”

50:10 The upside of social media and isn’t the fly fishing community great?

53:50 Outro

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