Cameron Mortenson-Fiberglass Manifesto

This week we talk with the founder of the the Fiberglass Manifesto blog, Cameron Mortenson.

00:01 Intro:

02:52 Jeff announces the winners of our Sasquatch naming contest and the new name of our Bigfoot mascot.

04:50 In other news 11 Year Old Boy Steals School Bus and Flips Off Cops

 08:18 Guest Introduction

09:30 Interview Begins

09:36 Shout out to Long Road Distillery and talk Michigan Whiskey and Ribeyes

11:45 Beaver Island Fly Fishing- Kevin Morlock

18:18 Where is Cameron from and why is it so great?

22:15 Revisiting our previous conversation on why Cameron felt the need to write a manifesto.

25:24 Why a Wright and McGill fiberglass rod may not be loading right.

31:50 Jeff shares about that one time on the water he actually caught a fish

34:50 Cameron's career and coping with stress with fly fishing

39:30 How to ruin trout camp

43:00 12 Weeks of Giveaways with the Fiberglass Manifesto

47:12 Outro


Fly Fishing Is Dead Shirt

In Other News

Kevin Morlock's Guide Page for Beaver Island

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