Fly Fishing and Toons with Nate Karnes

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff talks with artist and fly angler Nate Karnes.


00:00 Feedback on the Show from YouTube

01:55 YouTube Backdrop

02:35 In Other News - Pants on or Pants Off When Getting Your Mail

05:25 Jeff’s New Business Idea

08:10 Jeff Takes it Too Far…again

11:10 Jeff Get’s Tooned!

13:27 Interview Begins with Nate Karnes

14:00 “In the Club?”

15:09 The People Nate’s Been Tooning and a New Animated Series?

15:45 Who’s The Prettiest?

16:40 How Nate Started Drawing

18:20 Brandon Bailes Deer Hair Madness

20:20 Nate’s Intro Into Fly Fishing- Wet Wading

21:30 Chris Barclay’s Slow Down.

22:00 What Should Return After the Quarantine

22:35 Is the Toyota Tacoma the Ultimate Fly Fishing Vehicle?

26:12 Tape Decks and Robert Earl Keen

28:40 Fly Fishing in Southwest Missouri

30:40 The Similarities of Fly Fishing and Art.

35:55 Times that Change the Course of Your Life

36:30 How Remedy Provisions Got It’s Name

38:00 RNP’s Animated Series Episode 1 “Sasquatch”

39:40 Outro


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