Fly Fishing Fight Doc

I reached out to Dr. Alex like I do most of our guests. He had an interesting Instagram feed and appeared to have a great story. A fly fishing doctor who is not only a family physician, but stands ringside at mixed martial arts events to ensure no one dies. I figured blood, gore and dry flies would make for a great episode and I was not disappointed! As we wrapped up, I thanked Dr. Alex for being on the show and asked him how he could be contacted. He began to tell me about his foundation. After losing his wife and three daughters, Dr. Alex established the Never Alone Foundation, something that has become his passion. I’ve never been part of a community so full of genuine people who are eager to make a difference; not just on the water, but in humanity. Thank you, Dr. Alex!

The Never Alone Foundation invests in families connected with the international adoption community. Drawing from the foundation’s reservoir, we bridge the financial gap to assist parents in bringing orphaned children home. We also offer aid to parents shouldering significant medical expenses as they endeavor to bring their youngsters to full physical health. And finally, Never Alone provides financial assistance allowing families to access the unique post-placement services and support that help children with adoption challenges learn to be born in their parents’ hearts.”

Photo by Casey Oday

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