Fly Girl Ann Miller

Ann Miller has been fishing her entire life, but can now say that she has been exclusively fly fishing for more than half that time. A life member of Fly Fishers International and Trout Unlimited, she decided to become more active in the Great Lakes Council of the FFI over 20 years ago, becoming editor of the now defunct newsletter, The Leader. Editing quickly lead to writing, and before long she was penning essays for other publications. Tom Helgeson encouraged her to submit her work to Midwest Fly Fishing, and soon she was writing her own bimonthly column, Natural Settings, for the magazine.

Ann’s most recent project stemmed from her love of fly fishing and teaching. While teaching beginning and intermediate fly fishing schools, she became frustrated with the lack of comprehensive Midwest information on insect hatches, taxonomy, behavior, and flies to match them. An aquatic biologist, she decided to tackle the world of bugs head on, and the result is the Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams. The field guide was published in January, 2012 by Frank Amato Publications.

In addition to writing, Ann is a founder and current president of Flygirls, an organization whose purpose is to help women become involved in fly fishing. The club was founded in 1996 and continues in its purpose to teach women to fly fish as well as provide fly fishing and fly tying outings in Michigan and beyond. More information on Flygirls can be found at