Hemispheres Unlimited-Justin Witt


This week Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with Justin Witt. Justin Witt is a philosophically disabled fly tier who spends six months of every year running his Trout Bum program in Southern Argentina, and the other six months wandering the world with his wife and young daughter looking for new places to fish and worrying about the meaning of life.  Previous works of his have appeared in a variety of publications including The Flyfish Journal, The Angler, and Dogzplot Literary Journal. Justin was also the the winner of the Remote. No Pressure. writing contest with his story The Thing About Jake. His short story was also illustrated by the talented Katherine Bell McClure. Katherine Bell McClure is an award winning Atlanta based mixed media artist whose work can be seen in the Atlanta Artists Collective gallery, by appointment in her own studio, or online at https://katherine-mcclure.com.  She lives in Buckhead with her husband, two children, and lots and lots of animals. Episode Links: https://www.remotenopressure.com/blog... https://hemispheresunlimited.com/ https://katherine-mcclure.com/home.html Sponsors: https://www.delifreshdesign.com/ (RNP20 discount code at check out) https://www.manscaped.com/ (remotenopressure discount code at checkout)