Interview With Mike Williams of Green Bus Designs


This week we talk with Michael Williams of Mike Williams Art/Green Bus Designs. After studying Art Education at Michigan State University, Williams went on to teach near the rivers of North-East Michigan. It wasn’t until one of his students asked him to draw a Rapala that he really started to pursue art for himself again.

“I found that I really had a great time with not only the process of creating these images, but also sharing my work with others, which was something I typically didn’t care to do. My classroom and kitchen table became littered with drawings of my favorite flies and lures, covered in Sharpies and watercolors.” 

His love for fishing and art started around the same time in his life, when he was a kid. The name Green Bus Designs was inspired by the Green Bus he would stay in at trout camp with his Grandpa on the Big Two Hearted River.

Michael is a proud father, a passionate educator and a very talented artist.