John Dietsch- A River Runs Through It

This week Jeff talks with film director and author John Dietsch about his role on the film "A River Runs Through It," and about his book "Graced By Waters.”


00:00 Jeff gets a haircut and eats at a restaurant

02:36 Bill catches his fist trout

03:01 Jeff introduces John Dietsch

03:22 Jeff tries out a 3 weight rod for little fish

05:04 Jeff flips a canoe and almost breaks up with his wife

06:15 In other news

08:10 Bill breaks the law

09:20 Intro to John Dietsch

11:20 Interview begins

12:30 John give a little background about his career

14:45 The spiritual aspect of fly fishing

16:14 Dealing with Nature Deficit Disorder

17:23 The pandemic and the transformative opportunity for the earth

21:45 Covid crashes the interview

22:05 Jeff makes a fool out of himself.

23:02 On the set of A River Runs Through It

25:05 Did Brad Pitt really catch those fish in real time?

28:20 Scouting Bozeman for the movie

30:00 Teaching Brad Pitt how to fly fish and the shadow cast

33:10 John’s favorite scene in the movie

40:20 Outro




Check out John’s book

In Other News- Selling Lama poop can land you in the slammer.