Keith Scott Blues

 This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Keith Scott pays us another visit.


00:00 Bill and Jeff talk about conspiracies.

04:13 Grand Rapids makes the news

08:10 Nectar Sunglasses

11:50 Discount Codes for Coffee (the good stuff)

12:45 In Other News

13:40 Raising Arizona- Nicholas Cage the next Joe Exotic?

14:00 A Ginger Mullet

14:40 Intro to this week’s guest

15:30 Jeff’s favorite sequel- Back to the Future 2

17:45 Interview begins with guest Keith Scott (full video)

18:00 Keith’s intro and upcoming gigs

20:30 Robert Tomes and his relationship with Keith Scott

22:30 Keith’s First Song “Texas Blues”

25:15 Slide guitar a Chicago thing?

25:30 Blues chord progressions

26:40 How Keith got into fly fishing

27:37 How much does it cost to get into fly fishing?

28:40 Fly Fishing and music

30:00 How Jeff started playing guitar

32:15 Keith’s most memorable experience in his music career

33:25 Chicago’s Blues Scene

34:30 Keith Play’s a tune

37:10 Ireland the home of fly fishing

37:30 Ireland’s sea run browns with wet flies

38:20 Jeff eats blood sausage

40:00 The curse of the creative mind

43:20 Keith premiers his new guitar

46:25 Where to find

47:50 Outro


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