Merrill "Little Red" Robinson And The Texas Fly Fishing Scene

Merrill "Little Red" Robinson, a native Texan and born and raised in Austin, is a redheaded sportswoman who heeds the call to hunt, fly fish, hike, advocate for public land and water access, promote the conservation of our nation's wildlife, land, waterways, and fish, and for anything and everything outdoors. A graduate of the University of Mississippi, better known as "Ole Miss," Robinson initially went to college to become a sideline reporter and sports broadcaster. However, she changed course and earned a degree in print journalism with a specialization in public relations.
Founder and owner of an outdoor industry public relations and marketing company, ButterUp Public Relations, located in Austin, Texas, Robinson works alongside a small creative team of outdoor enthusiasts who specialize in public relations, marketing, social media, branding, photography, web development, and graphic design. 
In preparation for a black bear hunt in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico, Robinson set out to purchase as much women's gear as possible.  Much to her disappointment, she found little to no women's gear that fit right, was manufactured for durability, and the majority of the options had unnecessary colors such as pink or purple in the camouflage patterns. A few months after she returned home from her successful hunt, she started the Little Red Sportslist campaign. 
The Little Red Sportslist is a women's hunting and fishing campaign. The campaign is a detailed list of wild game and fish that Robinson will be hunting and fishing for, and she has taken on the challenge of utilizing only women's gear. The mission is to publicize the available equipment and gear for women in the outdoor market, to help women feel more comfortable in hunting culture, as well as educate women on the importance of the conservation of our wildlife, fish, waterways, and public land and water access.
Robinson has already begun to help women get more involved in the outdoors by creating an all-female Facebook group called Sportswomen Certified. The group is filled with women who love to hunt, fish, hike, trail run, camp, and just be outdoors. We're a group of Sportswomen across the globe uniting to empower and encourage each other in the outdoors.