Meth Addicted Trout, RNP Live, and Ghost Busters.


This week Jeff and Bill talk about meth addicted trout, their upcoming live event, and Ghostbusters.

00:01 Intro

00:35 A wardrobe intern debacle

02:13 Upcoming Season details

03:16 Thank you to Duck Camp, Real Ale, Imbrifex Books

03:50 Why Jeff has such enmity towards the pro-hair crowd

05:17 Bill’s Pics and his Ford Ranger days!

6:45 Shearing Pins in the intercostal canal

07:25 Shout out to Duck Camp

07:29 Shout out to Imbrifex books

07:56 Shout out to Real Ale Brewing

08:30 The middle finger to the head shavers

11:00 September 9th music and fly tying event with the Parachute Adams Band and fly tying instruction from Drew Rosema.

14:45 Will the Ghost of Frozen Patty be attending our event?

17:49 The original Ghost Busters

19:30 We’re on a list…

20:30 Why we’re here and why we’re doing events

21:00 Jeff acts like he knows Yoga and Diamond Dallas Page

22:30 The Attitude year of WCW and WWF

24:00 Jeff get’s burned by a cigarette at the local Dairy Queen

25:55 Jeff sets up the bill with the V word

15:45 Free fly fishing nippers on our website

25:45 Free nippers, not nipples.

28:10 In Other News: Methamphetamine in waterways may be turning trout into addicts

29:55 Crystal Meth laden floatant and cigarette fly patterns

31:00 Making people aware of “awareness.”

33:07 Fully aware and why the 90’s were the best.

34:30 Myspace Blues

36:00 Recap on the event

36:45 Weiners knocked out by Bobbett’s

37:38 Outro