Musicians On The Fly- Grant Braudrick

This week we talk with 33 year old musician and fly angler Grant Braudrick. After a stressful and suffocating job in the insurance industry, Grand decided to pursue fishing and music full time. After Edgar Diaz (Season 2 Episode 3) asked Grant to provide some music for a video he was producing for Sightline Edgar asked him to come on board as a Sightline Provisioner. He is also a rep for Rainy’s Flies.

“It’s a daily grind, like anything good in this world, to stay afloat. I’m blessed to have a great music booking agent, Ken Welker of 13th floor music, who keeps me busy playing music and I have great brands to keep me busy when I’m not playing music. I’ve been very fortunate meet many great people in both industries and forge lifelong friendships. That’s the most important aspect to me. The people that makes this journey worthwhile. It’s a balanced life and one that I couldn’t dreamed up any better. “

We are very grateful that Grant took some time for us on the Remote. No Pressure. Podcast!

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