Native Atlantic Salmon- David Hartlin

This week fly fishing podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with David Hartlin. David was introduced to fly fishing, specifically Wild Atlantic Salmon by my late grandfather at the age of 8 years old and their relationship, like many in the fly fishing community, was extremely close and memorable.  

“Hooking and landing my first Chromer on a dry fly, tipping the scales at around 15 lbs. I can still remember my legs shaking so bad as my grandfather laughed about it with joy! And just like that we Safely released her to finish the journey to the spawning grounds.


Since then my grandfather has passed away and I’ve made a career of chasing these amazing migrators over the last 21 years”- David Hartlin

David is a freelance guide on the West Coast of Newfoundland with a program on 9 different rivers from June thru mid-July before leaving and following the migration north each season. 

During the winter off-season David can be found at his fly tying desk or casting crab patterns on the flats in Cuba.


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