Quarantined with Robert Tomes

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff talks with author and Muskie expert Robert Tomes.

00:00 The Curse of Robert Tomes

05:20 New York Times Announces Another Episode of Tiger King

06:15 Joe Exotic’s EMT Jacket

07:20 Bill’s Grow Room

08:55 Jeff styles his hair like John Prine

10:50 Brad Boone Clear Jeff to Use a Certain Word

11:00 Sandhill Coffee REMOTE20 discount code

12:55 Bill’s Peak Time and His Black Market Booze

14:50 Robert Tomes Intro

17:47 Interview Starts

18:45 Robert and Jeff discusses the curse of Robert Tomes

19:45 Jeff and Robert talk about his articles

20:00 The Health of the Everglades as a Fishery

22:25 Red Tide Blue Green Algae in Florida

24:35 What is Red Tide?

26:40 The River of Grass

28:04 Robert and Jeff talk about Draining the Swamp

32:25 American Angler Magazine Article on Fly Fishing for Muskie

34:40 How To Catch A Muskie on The Fly

35:20 Muskie Minimum Length Fox River Green Bay, WI

36:00 Why This is the Best Time in History to Catch a Muskie on the Fly

37:38 Are Muskie an Invasive Species? 39:80 Muskie or Tarpon? Robert’s Preference

44:30 What is a “Slam?”

45:35 What is a Keys Slam?

48:25 Jeff and Robert Talk Baseball

49:55 Covid’s Affect on the Fly Fishing Business

57:00 Outro Muskie on the Fly Book- Your local fly shop or https://www.wildriverpress.com/produc...




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