Rock Treads With Forest Rogers

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff talks with Forest Rogers of Rock Treads. Listen to how they've overcome adversity and failures to get their business off the ground.

0:00 - Bill and Jeff Intro

1:45 - House Band has been quarantined due to lack of toilet paper. All gigs cancelled.

2:55 - Warning Label on Baked Lays

3:45 - Events Order Your Tie Along Kit Here

8:45 - In Other News- Cat Fishing The Paranormal?

14:45- Interview Begins with Forest Rogers (Rock Treads)

18:03 -Growing Up On The Coast of North Carolina

20:57 - The Carolina Hug (Redfish) and Phosphate Mines

22:30 - Blue Crabs in their 30s.

23:30 - Magee Arkansas

25:50 - The Story of Rock Treads

28:52 - How The Idea of Rock Treads was Birthed

32:15 - How Rock Treads Ended Up Failing and Overcame Adversity

38:15 - What The Heck Are We Doing In Life?

40:25 - The Consistent Subject of RNP and Jeff’s Car Wreck

46:65 - Snot Rockets and Wading Boots

53:24 - Rock Treads Invited to the Fly Fishing Championships in Australia

58:33 - Interview Ends and Jeff and Bill Close if Out