Season 4 Episode 2 Dustin Scott's Heart Wood Trade

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing podcast we talk with Dustin Scott from Heart Wood Trade. A really fun episode! Watch Now

00:00 Jeff and Bill Welcome Listeners and Invites Everyone to Subscribe

01:18 Jeff Talks About our New Products

02:12 Bill Likes the Ladies

03:02 Parachute Adams Band Announcement and The Story Behind the House Band

05:18 In Other News-

07:20 Bigfoot and Horses Unite?

09:08 Guest's Introductions- Gerald Barsten- Dustin Scott-

10:55 Things Get Awkward with Jeff and Bill

12:13 Jeff's Rattlesnake Story (Thanks to Matt Bennett)

16:30 Why Fly Anglers Romanticize Everything

17:53 Interview with Gerald Begins and the story behind his rod holder

25:11 Interview with Dustin Scott Begins

29:52 What Attracted Dustin to Fly Fishing

31:49 Dustin's Father

32:39 Dustin Quotes a Jason Isbell Song

33:20 Jeff Lost a Close Friend

34:42 Finding Balance

38:30 Dustin's First Net Making Experience

42:00 Dustin's Garden & Gun Article

44:00 How To Know If A Person Is From Texas and John Prine

46:20 About the Nets

52:00 Jeff Romanticizes Barclay's Wood

55:55 Jeff and Bill's Outro- Virginia Slims and Poodles

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