Supreme's Fly Fishing Collab, the WWF, and the Personal Hygiene of Jeff's French Teacher

This week Jeff and Bill talk about Supreme’s collaboration with Fly Fishing, the WWF, and french teachers with poor hygiene.

00:00 Introduction and our theme song

01:10 The story behind Jeff’s hairy chest

02:10 Bill opines on smoking in the sunshine

02:58 Jeff and Bill share an Athletic Brewing beer- Cerveza Athletica and All out Extra Dark

06:46 Thank you to our sponsor

08:20 Conjuring up spirits, meditation, and djembe with

09:45 Jeff has a cold or is it something else…

11:30 This Wednesday Aaron Reed interviews April Vokey on his Blue Coat Fly Fishing Podcast

11:45 Dispensaries, Taco Bell, and other genius Partnerships

15:18 Bob White T’s for $10.00

17:42 In Other News- Woman Facing Felony Charge for Not Returning VHS Tape Over 20 Years Ago

22:10 900 Numbers sex work is real work. Bill’s side hustle?

24:30 Jeff’s Bucket List

26:20 Bill’s WWE legacy

27:33 Jeff assume all french guys are the same

28:20 ‘Incredibly disingenuous’ and ‘laughable’: A tale of Supreme’s fishing collab 32:01 The Only Class Jeff Failed in High School

36:34 Outro

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