The Corona Bat Fly With Steve Yewchuck

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Jeff talks with Steve Yewchuck about fly tying, fly development and more. An excellent episode!


0:00 Intro- Live events

1:30 Jeff pours out a IPA on the curb in remembrance of Wylde Bill

2:20 Updates on what’s going on with Bill and Jeff at home

3:30 Jeff and Bill talk about Red Dawn (the original)

4:40 Bill and Jeff talk Hitler and the German migration to Argentina after WW2

6:00 Jeff offends the entire country of the Netherlands

6:50 Jeff apologizes to every female listener

8:47 In Other News- Toilet Paper Consipiracy

14:52 Interview Begins- Steve Yewchuck Fly Tyers of Insta Series

16:00 Fly Fishing in the Catskills

17:20 History of RNP and how Jeff met Joe Demalderis

19:15 How Steve got into fly tying

20:40 The Corona bat fly

22:10 Fishing with a bat pattern

22:45 The creative process of developing a new fly

24:45 Hex Hatch

25:55 What weight to use for brook trout

26:17 Fiberglass fly rods

28:00 Unwinding and balancing stress with fly fishing

31:20 Steve’s One Last Fly “Emperor Mouse.”

32.42 Outro



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