Sasquatch Repellant (Buff)

Sasquatch Repellant (Buff)

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With this unique Sasquatch design, we're willing to offer you a money back guarantee and an additional $100.00 if you ever experience a Bigfoot attack while wearing one of our Buffs. Photo or video proof will be required.

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Remote. No Pressure.

Jeff (our founder) wanted to share the joy and healing power of fly fishing that he experienced while working in corporate America. In 2017, he started the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing podcast interviewing celebrities, blue-collar and influencing fly anglers around the world.

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This is hands down my favorite podcast for fly fishing or just adventures.

Todd G.

There is a good diversity of topics and guests which helps keep things fresh! This podcast is on my rotation to help get me through the work week."

C. Ciaravino


Our First Podcast Set-up

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